What is virtual reality

What is virtual reality

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Virtual reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment.  

The term Virtual Reality first appeared in 1989 in VLP Research Inc.,one of the first companies involved in the production of VR gloves, headsets and suits.

How VR works

Unlike traditional user interfaces, virtual reality places the user within an experience, not displaying a screen in front of his eyes, but immersing him and making him interact with 3D worlds.

Among the limitations of VR experiences are the availability of content and low-cost computing power.

Glasses for virtual reality and not only

The symbolic component of virtual reality is theHMD,a screen mounted on the viewer's head with a special helmet that can be monocular or bicular.

Virtual reality not only involves sight, but also hearing, touch and can even involve the sense of smell, thus becoming atotally immersive experience.

HDM Viewer

The importance of the virtual environment

In order for a realistic experience, the user must be able to explore what appears to be a full-size virtual environment and be able to change perspective seamlessly.

To do this it is essential to obtain an excellent tracking of the user's movements, which will immerse itself in a cyberspace with full-size 3D images and 3D sounds that he will perceive as if they were close to him.

A well-made virtual environment is a single pedestal placed in the center of a room, which a user should be able to view from any angle and with a point of view that can move depending on where you look at it.

Virtual reality and gaming

VR gaming is the term used to describe a new generation of games with virtual reality (VR) technology that can physically engage players in the gameplay.

Participants experience and influence the gaming environment by manipulating a variety of VR gaming devices and accessories, including VR headsets, VR gloves equipped with sensors, and manual controllers.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality applications

Virtual reality is not only used in the IT or gaming environment,

Virtual reality and data visualization

Visualization of scientific and engineering data has benefited from VR for years, although recent innovation in display technology has generated interest in everything from molecular visualization to architecture to weather models.

VR for aviation, medicine and the army

In aviation, medicine and the military,virtual reality training is an alternative to live training with expensive equipment, dangerous situations or sensitive technology.

Pilots, on the other hand, can rely on virtual cockpits in training programs that incorporate virtual flight and live instruction.

Surgeons can train with virtual instruments and patients and then transfer them to real situations, thus reducing the margins of error in the operating rooms and speeding up the internship by implementing manual skills.

For police and soldiers, virtual training is able to simulate war scenarios and dangerous situations with advantages both on costs and on learning times.

Virtual reality and treatment of mental disorders

Speaking of medicine, virtual reality is particularly effective in the treatment of mental disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder by helping people to rework and understand lived experiences.

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