What is mixed reality?

What is mixed reality?

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mixed reality

Mixed reality is the result of merging the physical world with a virtual world to create new environments where physical and digital objects interact with each other in real time.

This is an IT research area that combines real-world and virtual data, where computer-generated graphical objects are visually mixed in the real environment and vice versa.

Where virtual worlds originate

Virtual devices were the first mixed reality platform developed in 1992 at the USAF's Armstrong Laboratories.

The result was an immersive experience recorded in the space where the user moved his arms, while seeing the robot's arms at the point where they should be his.

The system also used computer-generated virtual overlays in the form of physical barriers, fields, and guides, designed to assist the user while performing real physical activities.

These tests have shown for the first time that a significant improvement in human performance can be achieved by providing users with immersive augmented realityoverlays.

Currently, mixed reality can be born using at least one of the following technologies: augmented reality (AR) and / or virtual reality (VR).

What is the difference between mixed reality and augmented reality?

MR and AR may look very similar to each other, however one includes the other.

Mixed reality can be considered the set of augmented reality and virtual reality for this reason the experience is particularly immersive.

How Mixed Reality works

MR systems are generally constructed as transparent optical systems or transparent video.

Like VR, the implementation of mixed reality systems relies on markers and GPS to combine real and virtual objects and environments.

In this way it is able to:

  • Combine real and virtual
  • Offering interactivity
  • Real-time processing of data and elements
  • Three-dimensionality

Mixed Reality Examples

This technology is already used today in a variety of ways to enhance our physical world with digital objects and visualizations.

MR in education

Mixed reality is very useful in schools and other areas of education, especially after the recent pandemic.

In schools and offices, he manages to thin the element of distance, maintaining and giving the possibility of cultivating the human relationship as if it were created in the real world.

Mixed Reality class

MR in entertainment

Being a new technology to the public, the surprise effect is almost obvious.

For this reason, entering an immersive reality can be a plus for shows, exhibitions and entertainment.

Here is an example of MR in entertainment:

The Weather Channel has started using mixed reality technology to give viewers a more real understanding of weather conditions.

In this way she was able to better explain the phenomena and how to behave in case of hurricanes, rains or heavy snowfalls.

Technology is changing the world around us, for better or for worse.

But this type of experience has the ability to have a positive impact and will become more widespread in the coming years.

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