Cybersecurity: why is it important?

Cybersecurity: why is it important?

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"Cybercrime is the biggest threat to every companyin the world," said IBM President and CEO Ginni Rometty.

The topic of cybersecurity in 2021 is in fact more crucial than ever.

Fortunately, there are many cybersecurity companies that specialize in preventing and intervening in the event of a cyber attack.

What is IT security?

Cybersecurity refers to the protection from threats in cyberspace of systems connected to the Internet.

It's critical to keeping your information, data, and devices private and secure.

It involves protecting software, data, and hardware, and helps prevent cybercriminals from accessing devices or networks.

IT security

Cybersecurity in companies

Businesses need cybersecurity to protect their data, finances, and intellectual property.

In the case of public services or government organizations it helps to ensure that the community can continue to rely on their services.

For example, if a cyberattack targeted a power plant, it could cause a citywlong blackout or in the case of a bank it would cause economic damage to thousands of people.

Types of cyberattack

There are many types of cyber threats,here are the main attacks that could affect data and digital products:

DDoS attack

A distributed DDoS or denial of service attack occurs when cybercriminals clog a network or its servers by sending too much traffic, preventing the network from handling valid requests making the entire system unusable.

A DDoS attack if not prevented can come to completely stop one or more companies.


Malware refers to malicious software that may include computer viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms,and any other programs or files that can harm your computer.

Malware is commonly spread via downloads that look like or attachments in emails.

What is malware

Types of malware

Malware can act in several ways:


Advertising software that spreads malware.


Numerous computers infected with malware that form a network.

Cyber criminals use them to perform online tasks without the permission of the device owners.


They block data and files, threatening to leave them locked or delete them unless the user sends money.


It records a user's actions, for example, collects credit card information.


Malware but disguised to appear as legitimate software.

After being uploaded, they collect data or cause damage.


A widespread type of cybersecurity threat – both in private and business accounts – that involves sending fake emails from seemingly valid sources.

The goal? Get information such as credit card details or passwords.

phishing cyberscecurity

Man-in-the-Middle attack

Cybercriminals intercept conversionsor data transmissions between multiple people, for example through an unsecured Wi-Fi network that decrypts the data that the user sends from his computer to the network.

SQL Injection

SQL stands for Structured Query Language.

cyber attack

It consists of inserting strings into the code with the aim of compromising the target website.

A SQL injection attack can not only breach data, but can bring false information into the application database, remove important information, or deny access to administrators and site or app creators.

Cybersecurity Challenges

The continuous evolution of digital development leads to more opportunities for cybercrime and consequently the need for greater attention to cybersecurity.

Cybercriminals are constantly developing new cyber attacks,making it difficult to prevent them.

For this reason, experts are constantly looking for new solutions that can eliminate or limit potential vulnerabilities.

The importance of cybersecurity training in companies

Training and educating employees within the company or individual users is critical to keeping the network secure.

Everything that is digital can and should be protected, especially in an era where much of the services involve a data system.


The best solution for efficient cybersecurity

Relying on IT consulting is the best choice to be sure to implement an efficient cybersecurity plan to have support and assistance for the security of:

  • Applications
  • Cloud
  • Data
  • Endpoint
  • Database
  • Mobile
  • Network
  • Operating
  • Identity management

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