About us

Developing the best augmented, mixed, virtual and artificial intelligence systems is a daily challenge for us, for this reason our team of developers assists our customers at 360 ° by proposing tailor-made technological solutions from design to release.

Eworkit, towards the future of your company.

Our solutions

Eworkit offers IT consulting for companies assisting them from research to development and implementation, up to the distribution of the product, using the best technologies and selecting the most suitable solutions for the business.

Mobile app development

Ensure the best UX to your users. With Android, iOS and web app development we shape your projects: we program, test and implement your application on all mobile platforms such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Augmented Reality

Enhance your digital experience with Augmented Reality (AR). Transmit visual, auditory and sensory information to promote products or services,launch new marketing campaigns and collect user data in a unique way.

Mixed Reality

Choose Mixed Reality (MR) to produce new environments between virtual and real world. An innovative computer technology that allows you to interact with holographic images and manipulate virtual objects as if they were in front of you.

Virtual Reality

Replicate or simulate a real-world environment with Virtual Reality (VR). Virtual objects that seem real will make the user live a totally immersivedigital experience with the surrounding environment.




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Piazza Francesco Cupani,32,00172 Rome

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